Unusual Places to Stay: Vacation in a Tree

One of the most unusual places to stay include accommodations located in Khao Sok National Park in Thailand. The rainforest will be your lodging for the time you stay here. That is, the trees will be your home because you will be staying in a tree house high atop the jungle. Your choices will include a basic tree house or you can opt for one of the luxury tree houses that have air conditioning, a private balcony and hot water for the shower.

But this is only for one night. The second night you will spend on the water. On a mattress on the floor of a raft house floating on Chiew Larn Lake will be the second night of your adventure in one of the strangest places to stay on your vacation.

While staying in the Asian rain forest, you will also get to ride an elephant or enjoy their reception building. It is also in the treetops. It features a bar and a restaurant and free Internet access. If you would like, a swim in a bat cave is available. This is truly one of the most unusual places to stay on your vacation.

Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin is another place you may find quite interesting if you are looking for an out of the ordinary location. This is a totally different twist on hotel rooms. The entire creation is that of Lars Stroschen, a German artist. The hotel has 30 rooms and each one is well… different.

For instance, the upside down room has all the furnishings hanging from the ceiling. Sleeping and sitting is done in boxes that are under the floorboards in this room. Another room, the padded cell is upholstered with green leather from the top to the bottom of the room. A prison cell room is one among the 30 available. Looking just like a prison cell with the toilet in the room, but one big difference - there is a balcony.

A tubular room with a floor that is somewhat hilly is another of the rooms available in the Propeller Island City Lodge, one of the most unusual places to stay. This room would remind you of sleeping in a mine. A wooden room with beds that one must use ladders to climb into is another room in this highly unusual hotel. A bathroom with walls made from red transparent glass adds a flair to the wooden room. From the moderate to intense, this is a hotel worth seeing.

As if the previously mentioned places to stay were not unusual enough, there is another that may tempt you. The Jules Verne Undersea Lodge is located in Key Largo, Florida. This is actually an underwater lab but the hotel is open for guests who can scuba dive to get there. This hotel has been featured on many television shows such as ’Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.’

In addition to remaining a research lab, making this hotel a hit among the unusual places to stay it still includes a VCR/DVD, stereos, showers, air conditioning and a kitchen fully stocked. There are also abundant chances for diving and receiving your certification while staying at the Jules Verne Undersea Lodge.


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