Top Ten Places To Visit In Italy?

Discover Below...Top Ten Places To Visit In Italy

When planning a trip to Southern Europe, you will encounter the beauty and historic allure of Italy, which is much more than pasta and great art. While it is difficult to narrow down the top places to visit in Italy, you will have the Italian Peninsula and two of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea (Sicily and Sardinia) to explore.

As you search for the top ten places to visit in Italy, you will encounter a wide-range of European cultures, including the Etruscans and the Romans. It is throughout this country that the Italian Renaissance has left behind remnants of illustrious art, culture, and history.

There are also deep ties to religion in Italy, as the country serves as the center of the Catholic Church. The capital is also one of the best places to travel to in Italy, as tourists from near and far come to study the start of the Western civilization.

To experience the top ten places to visit in Italy, consider some of the following suggestions:

St. Peter's Basilica – Rome

In 324 AD, the first Christian emperor, Constantine backed the construction of St. Peter's Basilica, which showcased glittering gold, breathtaking marble, and endless mosaics. This is where Michelangelo's Pietà resides, as well as a small museum filled with Vatican gems. Underground, there are grottoes that accommodate the tombs of former popes. Truly a sight to see, St. Peter's Basilica is amazing.

The Vatican Museums – Rome

As you take a walk throughout these buildings, centuries of artifacts are uncovered. Tour the Sistine Chapel to view beautiful ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, as well as the works of Raphael.

Uffizi Gallery – Florence

Dating back to the 16th century, you will have the pleasure of visiting one of the best museums in the country, which once served as a well-known Renaissance palace and administrative headquarters. To explore one of the most revered collections of Renaissance paintings in the world, this is the location to seek out in Italy.

The Colosseum – Rome

To take advantage of one of the few surviving ancient monuments in Rome, the Colosseum offers a decent example of preservation that allows you to take a peek back into history. Close your eyes and perhaps you can still hear the lions' roar, the public entertainment banter, and the fierce combat of gladiators.

Tuscany & Umbria

If it is a glass of wine you crave, one of the top ten places to visit in Italy that provides delicious selections is in the Tuscany and Umbria region, where the scenic vineyards are absolutely mesmerizing. This area is also where you can savor one of the most famous wines in the country – Chianti. A few vineyards to consider include Banfi, Biondi-Santi, and Casa Vinicola L. Cecchi.


One of the most romantic places to enjoy a getaway in Italy is Capri, which is often referred to as the "Island of Dreams." Taking the boat ride to reach this island also allows you to catch sight of the wondrous coastline.

Grand Canal – Venice

As you slide through the S-shaped canal, make sure to bring along a camera so you may take snapshots of the surrounding historic buildings and elaborate bridges. The Grand Canal is by far one of the most romantic waterways in the entire world.


Those looking for a shopping experience out of this world will take pleasure in a visit to Milan, which is considered one of the top ten places to visit in Italy when you want to explore the best fashion outlets. One of the first locations to check out should include the streets that border Via Montenapoleone.


The city buried in volcanic ash after Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD is a popular attraction for tourists.

Italy's Lake Country

Located along the border of Switzerland, this collection of lakes provides the best environment for an adventure about the great outdoors. It is here that colorful towns blossom with cozy restaurants and an assortment of fun, culture, and history. The most popular stops for tourists are usually Lakes Maggiore and Como.

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