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Washington State has varied physical and climatic features quite unlike the other states in the United States of America. Across the length and breadth of the states it displays a broad selection of topography, geology, climate, and demography. The Cascade Mountains separate Eastern Washington from Western Washington and each present us with opposite land scenarios. There are many top places to visit in Washington state.

Western Washington

Among the top places to visit in the Washington State are the ones in western Washington area. It is undoubtedly the more congested section of Washington. This region also faces the wrath of the rains that are a legend in the US. The I-5 passage extends from north down to south and moves through areas such as Bellingham, Everett, Seattle etc on its course from Canada till Mexico.

In the northern region, close to the Canadian boundary and also Bellingham city, the area is covered in wilderness up to Puget Sound. It is bitterly cold in winter here in comparison to other parts of Western Washington but however can be endured. One of state universities, that is Western Washington University, is situated in Bellingham.

The Eastern part of Washington

The most populated city in Washington State is Seattle and immediately after it comes Spokane that is situated close to the border with Idaho in Eastern Washington. The Colville region is located to the north of Spokane- this is an extremely thinly populated place. Moving further to the north is the Canadian border. Parched and dry forests abound in the northeast section of the state.

Spokane has all that you usually see in other medium sized cities and they include small league sports, several colleges, huge parks with numerous events, and chief media center. Interstate 90 moves right throughout Spokane and is the most important east -west path that runs athwart the state. The society of Cheney lies outside side Spokane and it houses the University of Eastern Washington.

The southeastern part of Washington State is located to the south of Spokane. Washington State University, another famous university is situated in Pullman. Walla Walla and the three cities comprising of Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick and these regions are the most crowded areas of Washington, mostly the southeast region. The ordinary lowland and prairies were the actual vegetation here.

The area around Ellensburg and Yakima is generally termed as Central Washington. Ellensburg houses Central Washington University and the Ellensburg Rodeo. Ellensburg is located just on I-90. It is falls within the list of the few towns on the way via the Cascade Mountains to Western Washington. Yakima is the principal population focus and also a great travel center.

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