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Festival of flowers. That is the meaning of the word Florida. How true those words are because Florida has some of the most beautiful flowers in the world. If you love flowers and want to see some awesome varieties one of the best south Florida places to visit is the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens.

These gardens are ranked 8th amongst over 300 gardens that are not located in Japan. This ranking was given by the Journal of Japanese Gardening in response to a survey sent out to Japanese garden experts. When exploring these gardens take note of the different cultures they represent while enjoying the beautiful flowers.

Islamorada in the Florida Keys is known as the fishing capital of the world. Some big name celebrities and politicians rank this number one on their south Florida places to see list. Sailfish and marlin are caught with ease due to the Gulf Stream passing so close to these islands. You can charter a boat for more fishing farther out from the coast. Tours of Islamorada in a glass bottomed boat are quite interesting with all the different species of water life right under your feet. Kids will think it is really cool to walk on the fish.


Fishing and sea life are not Islamorada’s only attractions. If you are a history enthusiast, the Pioneer Cemetery is worth the stop. A hurricane monument of an angel that was lifted in the air and thrown, breaking her wing, during the Labor Day hurricane of 1935 is a reminder of how tragic that day was. This monument is on the National Register of Historic Sites. Among the south Florida places to visit this is one that will remind you of how unpredictable Mother Nature is and the havoc she can create.

Spend some time at a bed and breakfast in Key West. A cool fact about this island is it is only 2 miles wide and 4 miles long. Despite that it is home to 27,000 full time residents. Due to the fact that the island is so small you don’t have to go very far to take advantage of all it has to offer. There are plenty of art galleries, kayaking, and Theatre at the Sea, where you can swim with dolphins.

Gator Park, in the Florida Everglades, has an abundance of animal life that you will enjoy visiting. From alligators to peacocks, an airboat tour is a must for seeing all the different species that call this home. The Everglades is the only place in the world where alligators and crocodiles live together. There are over 200,000 alligators living here.

If you are looking for south Florida places to visit don’t miss Key Largo. It is just about as far south as you can go and remain in the states. Recognition for Key Largo was attributed to the movie made in 1948 which starred Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart. If you love scuba diving this is the place to visit. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, located quite close, is home to the only underwater park in the United States.

For the vacation of a lifetime, south Florida is the spot. You will be amazed at the wildlife and the learning experience is second to none. Be sure and take your camera.

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