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If you have small children and are wondering whether it will be a problem to visit Costa Rica with them, you can rest assured. Your trip will be both safe and enjoyable. Costa Rica is a place where most families have more than one child. The food which is available there is healthy and of good quality and the amount of tropical diseases found there is also low enough.

You will find plenty of beaches in Costa Rica which have waves which are small in size and suitable for small children and the cabins also have pools. Going by this information, you can see that it won’t be a problem if you bring your little children on vacation with you to Costa Rica.

Couples’ stay in Costa Rica

Couples could go to all sorts of interesting places in Costa Rica such as going to relax in the country and enjoy themselves in the quietness and serenity offered by the place. They can also visit the best night spots and all the cool hangouts in town.

There are many Costa Rican hotels and hostels which offer romantic tours, deals and packages for couples to make their Costa Rican vacation more memorable and special.

You can find a place to stay at within your budget in Costa Rica. You can get from simple and small rental homes and cabins to hotels and homes offering five star luxury which you only see on television.

If you have the money, you could live it up in style by renting one of the elite fashionable rental homes along with the cook, maids and other help. Costa Rica is such a popular holiday destination as it offers various deals to make your vacation one you’ll remember for ever.

Popular Costa Rican places to visit

San José is one of the most popular Costa Rican places to visit. It still gets the highest number of visitors in Costa Rica even though more tourists are trying to take advantage of the new international airport at Liberia and small Bed and Breakfasts and hotels in small Central Valley places like Alajuela.


If you’re the beach kind of person, the Manuel Antonio rules the most popular Costa Rican places to visit. It’s a National Park beach and extremely popular with people of all ages.

Jacó and Playas Tamarindo usually compete for first place as the best surfing beach, but nowadays, Tamarindo seems to be coming ahead, and Jacó seems to have fallen behind.

Mal País/ Playa Montezuma is definitely one of the most amzing Costa Rican places to visit as it is a heretofore ‘undiscovered’ beach in Costa Rica.

Irazú, Poás and Arenal are the best and most most popular National Parks and volcanoes in Costa Rica.


Corcovado and Chirripó are the most interesting trek routes in Costa Rica. Corcovado has some bunk space at the backcountry ranger stations, and Chirripó has a refugio system that includes 60 bunks near the summit.


Tabacón resort is the best Costa Rican hotspring to visit.

Turtle Nesting

Tortuguero National Park is one of the most interesting Costa Rican places to visit and is a cool destination to observe sea turtle nesting, and for nature cruises, canoeing, and kayaking.

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