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Situated on the northern coast of South America, the places to see in Venezuela set the stage for a vacation you'll never forget. The country is filled with numerous mainland memories and island getaways enhanced by the surrounding wildlife and greenery, as well as the engaging allure of the tropical climate. Within Latin America, the country is known as one of the most urban hot spots to check out. Wildlife enthusiasts and lovers of art are truly in paradise, as they explore all of the interesting places to visit in Venezuela.

The culture, heritage, and outdoor pursuits about the country is another cool part of planning a visit to the Venezuela. Some of the best historic buildings, architecture, landscapes, and monuments are scattered about the land, creating an exciting, as well as enlightening exploration of the surroundings. To get an idea of the best locations and attractions of interest in the country, consider the list below:

Central Venezuela

Most of the inhabitants of the country are found here, where great beaches and large cities greet travelers. Some of the more popular towns to check out include Miranda and Vargas.

Angel Falls

Situated in Guiana Highlands, this is one of the most unique places to travel to Venezuela because you will come face to face with the highest waterfall in the world. This is definitely one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country. The landscape is also quite mesmerizing, as grasslands, dense jungle, rivers, and majestic mountains surround the region. Tourists often come to take pleasure in the tropical wildlife, including giant anteaters and jaguars.


This is where you will find the first capital of Venezuela, which provides a glimpse at the richness of colonial architecture of the area.


With the Andes Mountains as an intriguing backdrop, visitors enjoy the many outdoor pursuits found at this destination.

Canaima National Park

The Gran Sabana region is found in the southern-positioned Bolivar State, where a collection of waterfalls and lagoons are the main attractions that create daylong trips to the base of Angel Falls. Some of the creatures awaiting your arrival includes monkeys, blue-cheeked parrots, king vultures, and porcupines. Hundreds of different species of orchid also add color to one of the most breathtaking places to visit in Venezuela.


One of the most popular places to visit in Venezuela is called Caracas, which offers surroundings comprised of high mountains and inviting hillsides.

Isla de Margarita

Many coastal islands are attached to Venezuela, including this one, which serves as one the most popular places to visit in Venezuela that tourists truly cannot get enough of.

Los Llanos

Bird watchers often make plans to check out the wonders that await their arrival at this site, where other interesting critters are found within this space. Here, tourists may come across the likes of anaconda, caiman, and wildcat.

Caribbean Islands

When you wish to explore the islands attached to the country, check out Windward Islands, which is one of the largest yacht charter companies in the world. Here, they can arrange for crewed charters to investigate the deep blue sea surrounding Venezuela.

Southern Venezuela

Head for this part of the country to explore the wild of tropical forests and jungle rivers that has played host to a collection of ancient indigenous tribes, including the Yanomami.

Orinoco Delta

To explore a spread of impressive rainforests, mangroves, and natural canals, this is a site that presents a paradise for naturalists and eco-tourists.

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