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An exploration of the western United States isn’t the same if you don’t touch upon the attractions and interesting places to visit in Utah. With the center of action found in Salt Lake City and a host of outdoor activities sure to please, you'll never want to leave behind the memories of this exciting destination. Many tourists come to Utah in order to explore the many skiing, snowboarding, hiking, boating, and rock climbing opportunities. An assortment of cool historical sites also allows travelers to slip back into time.

Some of the best advancements in information technology, research, and outdoor recreation unfold during a trip to the many places to visit in Utah. The diverse selection of nature is amazing, as the Rocky Mountains, Great Basin, and Colorado Plateau paint the perfect picture of the great outdoors. The many different features of the state to admire include sand dunes, pine forests, and deep mountain valleys. Utah is also known as one of the Four Corners states; meaning easy access to Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico is also offered. Below you will find a collection of exciting places to visit in Utah:

Bonneville Salt Flats

In the northwestern part of Utah, you will find this ancient relic that once thrived when glaciers ruled the Earth. The salt flats are now available for the public to explore. This particular attraction is known as one of the largest of numerous salt flats that are found west of the Great Salt Lake.

Lake Powell

This man-made reservoir is found on the Colorado River, but is positioned on the border between Utah and Arizona. Tourists come to this sight to check out the second largest reservoir in the United States that has been constructed by man. The scenery is quite refreshing, as this attraction opens the doors to explore some of the finest in red-rock desert land found in the entire country.


Come to this industrial city located north of Salt Lake City and you will encounter the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park. Here, a host of ski resorts delight visitors when the winter snowfall descends. Many other exciting outdoor activities are enjoyed about this city.


This town is filled with a lot of attractions to satisfy the dinosaur hunter in you. Additionally, ancient Indian petroglpyhs sweeten the deal of selecting this location as one of the many places to visit in Utah.

Canyonlands National Park

A visit to this location brings you to the beauty of sandstone cliffs, inviting canyons, gorgeous gorges, and many other intriguing formations of nature.

Wasatch Mountains

You will find this interesting mountain range takes you through the middle of the state, offering a mesmerizing assortment of natural wonder. In the summertime, the assortment of recreational activities seems to never end. There are also plenty of opportunities to hit the slopes in the wintertime. Also, tourists also come to this region to enjoy the changing of colors during autumn, as the display is quite appealing.

Zion National Park

Some of the attractions that bring many tourists to this site include sandstone cliffs, gorges, bluffs, plateaus, and a range of satisfying explosions of color. Here, the park serves as the perfect place to enjoy many active pursuits, such as hiking, backpacking, exploring canyons, and rock climbing.

Palisade State Park

Add this park to one of the many places to see in Utah and you will enjoy endless hours of canoeing, camping, swimming, golfing, and fishing.

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