A Guide to Places to Visit in Russia

Stretching across most of the northern part of Eurasia, there are plenty of places to visit in Russia that have attracted millions of visitors to this vast country.

One of the reasons a trip to this intriguing destination is non-stop fun is because Russia serves as the largest country in the world, covering nearly twice as much area as the second-largest country – Canada.

Additionally, Russia harbors the ninth largest population in the world and a multitude of gateways to nearby locations, such as Norway, Mongolia, North Korea, and the Ukraine.

The breathtaking landscape, deep historic culture, fine architecture, and alluring resources have created many interesting places to visit in Russia.

With a long line of cities and main attractions awaiting your arrival, there is no wonder many people make repeat trips to the country that is home to Moscow, the Bolshoi Theatre, St. Petersburg, and plenty of canals, waterways, and rivers to explore. Additional points of interest include:

State Hermitage Museum

This St. Petersburg gem is home to one of the best and brightest collections of fine art in the world. It is here that tourists are mesmerized by expressive Egyptian carvings and charmed by paintings by Rembrandt. This museum is located within the Winter Palace, where an impressive collection of Impressionist masterpieces is also on display.

Museum of Cosmonautics

Situated in Moscow, an astronomy enthusiast may find it delightful to pay a visit to this museum, which focuses on the history of space exploration throughout Russia, as well as illustrates the race between the United States for the record books. A few exhibits to take note of include displays of various spacesuits, as well as a few interesting moon rocks.

Bolshoi Theatre

With a significant history, this theatre situated in Moscow has a reputation for showcasing some of the best performances in ballet and opera. It was Prince Peter Urussov who founded the company in 1776 with the help of Michael Maddox, which was initially geared towards private presentations, but soon grew to share "Sleeping Beauty," "The Nutcracker," as well as "Romeo and Juliet" with the masses.


Many tourists visit Moscow to explore the historic monuments, sites, and other historic places to visit in Russia, such as the Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, and the Kremlin. In order to truly admire the sights, locating a good professional tour guide is suggested.

St. Petersburg

This city once served as the capital of the country, but today is known as the former home of the Tsars, who dreamed of a capital that resembled Europe more than the Russia. Today, visitors come to the city seeking the infamous State Hermitage Museum.

The Kremlin

In Moscow, the Kremlin is an attractive brick red fortress that protects a host of 15th-century cathedrals. Some of the features to be on the lookout for include gold domes and pointed arches. The flowered columns of the Grand Kremlin Palace are also of interest to tourists.

Palace Square

A trip to St. Petersburg will bring you closer to the Winter Palace, which is fashioned in Russian baroque style. This is a great site to visit when you are interested in admiring some of the architecture of the city.

Stalin Gothic Skyscrapers

Dating back between the 1940s and 1950s, seven towers situated in Moscow present an imposing sight, which has become the subject of many sightseeing photos. Some of the features attached to one of the tallest places to visit in Russia include two house government buildings, two hotels, as well as Moscow State University.

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