Several of the Places to Visit in PA

Be sure to check out these places to visit in PA

Versatile Pennsylvania offers plenty of things to do and see literally from one end of the state to the other. With its pristine forests situated in all corners of the state, PA is the place to be in autumn as a brilliant display of colors is a reliable yearly treat. A variety of fascinating wildlife as well as countless miles of vast farmland make Pennsylvania undeniably one of the most magnificent of all the 50 states.

Here are just some of the many exciting and interesting places to visit in PA:

Northwest Pennsylvania

In the northwestern part of the state lies one of The Great Lakes, Lake Erie, featuring seven miles of sandy beaches in Presque Isle State Park. The Erie National Wildlife Refuge is paradise for the bird-watcher, along with many cultural events and activities such as theater productions, music, both art and maritime museums, and of course, the lighthouses and monument surrounding the lake.

Southwest Pennsylvania

If you're interested in visiting one of friendliest cities richly steeped in history, head to Pittsburgh in the southwest corner of the state, also home to the five time winners of the Super Bowl, The Pittsburgh Steelers. With a unique cultural district complete with a variety of ethnic foods, an eclectic array of restaurants and entertainment, including the renowned amusement park Kennywood Park, Pittsburgh and its picturesque suburbs offer so much to see, do, and explore.

Central Pennsylvania

For sports enthusiasts, one of the best places to visit in PA is Williamsport, located in central PA and home to the Little League World Series, as well as the Little League Museum. With small, quaint towns reminiscent of the Victorian Era, covered wooden bridges scattered throughout the lush forests, central Pennsylvania is a pure slice of classic Americana at its best. This particular region of the state is also home to the steel town of Johnstown, where thousands perished in the famous flood of 1889.

Pennsylvania Dutch Country

In Lancaster County, take a step back in time as the Amish people spend their days diligently tending to their farms, riding in their covered, horse-drawn wagons, and living life much as it was 100 years ago. Not far from here is Hershey, known as "The chocolate capital of the world" where the famed Hersheypark entertainment theme park is open from May through December.

Cities such as Gettysburg, and Harrisburg are among some of the most fascinating places to visit in PA for history buffs. Many towns and streets all throughout Pennsylvania get their names from battles or generals in the Civil War ever since soldiers converged in Gettysburg in 1863. While in Gettysburg, be sure to pay a visit to the National Military Park Visitor Center where battlefield experts give guided tours before heading off to the equally historic Harrisburg, the state's capital.

Northeast Pennsylvania

For the ultimate in winter adventures, the Pocono Mountains are one of the most gorgeous places to visit in PA. A haven for skiers and snowboarders, these mountains are also famous for being one of the world's most popular honeymoon destinations with numerous luxurious hotels and romantic getaway packages to choose from. Besides the many relaxing bed and breakfasts, this region is also home to NASCAR's exhilarating Pocono Raceway.

Southeast Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, home to the Liberty Bell, is known as the birthplace of the nation, with our forefathers setting the foundation for government in Independence Hall. This region known as the Lehigh Valley, is also home to the Civil War's Valley Forge and Brandywine Battlefield. Today the city bustles with activity and features museums, historical centers, four-star restaurants, as well as cozy and inviting towns surrounding the main city.

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