Do You Know All The Coolest Places to Visit in Louisiana?

Discover some of the hidden places to visit in Louisiana below:

Discover some great fun when you visit Louisiana. There are many popular places people visit in Louisiana and you can have a lot of fun in your adventure in visiting these places. You do not have to just eat and party on Bourbon Street to have a lot of fun with places to visit in Louisiana. New Orleans is the most popular city in Louisiana, and there are some great places to visit there.

Here Are 30 Great Places To Visit In Louisiana In No Particular Order –

1. Go for a ride in a streetcar.

2. Go for a ride down the Mississippi River on the paddlewheels.

3. Go to the French Quarter and take a carriage ride

4. Visit the popular museum, The National D-day Museum.

5. For another museum visit go to the New Orleans Museum of Art.

6. Go for a walk to witness the beautiful Oaks on St. Charles Avenue.

7. Go on a walking tour of the Garden District.

8. Go shopping at the French Market.

9. Visit one of the United State’s top five zoos at the Audubon Zoo.

10. Visit Tulane’s campus and enjoy a football or baseball game.

11. Go to the Café du Monde to see how beignets are made.

12. See one of the United State’s top five aquariums at the Aquarium of the Americas and IMAX

13. Go on a spooky haunted tour.

14. Taste a praline and a sno-ball.

15. Go to the French Quarter and check out the art galleries.

16. Take the kids along to see the Louisiana Children’s Museum.

17. Shop for six miles at Magazine Street.

18. Relax and watch the boats at the Spanish Plaza.

19. Visit the City Park.

20. Go to Story Land.

21. See Carousel Gardens.

22. Witness the vibrant history at the Louisiana State Museum.

23. See some cool life sized wax figures at the Musee Conti Historical Wax Museum.

24. Visit the dead in cemeteries where they are buried above ground.

25. Go to Crown Point and take a swamp tour.

26. Learn about alligators and even hold one at the Insta-Gator Alligator Ranch and Hatchery in Covington.

27. Go to an animal preserve and see wild animals roaming a huge area at the Global Wildlife Center.

28. See the capital in Baton Rouge.

29. Go for some fun and rides at the Six Flags.

30. Visit one of the most haunted places in the United States at the Myrtle Plantation.

Louisiana is rich in history, art and fun. Experience all of this with these places to visit in Louisiana!

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