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Kentucky, with its rolling hills and beautiful landscapes, is rich in natural and man-made wonders.  There are a number of places to visit in Kentucky that you don’t want to miss if you’re traveling through or visiting.  It’s a great place to take a vacation, and you don’t want to forget your camera when you travel to this gorgeous state.

There are seventeen Kentucky state resort parks, including the Barren River Lake in Lucas.  This park features a lake more than 10,000 acres big, water sports, hiking and more.  The Blue Licks Battlefield park is also home to the Pioneer Museum, a nature preserve and fun canoe activities.  Other parks worth mentioning include Buckhorn Lake, Carter Caves, and Cumberland Falls.  Just with the state resort parks, there is a treasure trove of places to visit in Kentucky and activities to take part in.

Many tourists visit Kentucky just for the fairs and festivals that happen.  Every year in Owensboro, the International Barbecue Festival takes place.  Cooks from all over the world enter to compete for the Governor’s Cup, a highly coveted prize.  In Mayfield on the first Saturday in August, picnickers and politicians combine political speeches and promises with some delicious food and have the Fancy Farm picnic.  Possibly the most popular is the Kentucky State Fair that takes place each August in Louisville.  Vendors from all over the state set up booths featuring funnel cakes, burgers, and other delicious foods while fun activities take place.  Of all the places to visit in Kentucky, this may be the only one that features pig chasing!

Kentucky is the home to bourbon, and the Bourbon Trail of distilleries allow individuals to find Maker’s Mark, Buffalo Trace and even Jim Beam.  Each distillery allows individuals the chance to learn a bit about how Bourbon is made and take a taste as well – as long as they’re over 21.  This is a fun activity for those who appreciate Bourbon, and it turns out quite a crowd every week!  It’s a quirky choice for an activity, and it’s perfect for someone who isn’t quite into traipsing around the forest or hiking through the hills.

Another wonderful place to visit is the Daniel Boone National Forest – located along the Cumberland Plateau in eastern Kentucky.  More than 700,000 acres of land that is mostly wooded and mountainous make up the national forest, and has steep ridges, narrow ravines and sandstone cliffs.  This is a federally managed park, because it provides home for wildlife and more.  Individuals do have the opportunity to go camping, hiking, horseback riding in some areas and more. The views in some areas are absolutely spectacular and individuals should bring a camera to take as much of the scenery home as possible.

Whether you plan on taking a vacation in Kentucky or you’re simply traveling through, you should take time and check out some of these top places to visit in Kentucky.  Not only do you deserve the chance to see some of the most beautiful land the country has to offer, but Kentucky deserves to be seen!

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