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Franklin Tennessee was founded back in the late 1700's and was named after Benjamin Franklin. Back in the times before the Civil War, Franklin was right in the mid of the plantation economy being situated where it is in Tennessee. Since the Battle of Franklin in 1864, it has grown from a small agricultural community to a thriving residential, commercial and corporate center.

With a wide variety of history that Franklin has been built upon, there is a number of things to see and do while staying in this economically rich community. A Civil War battlefield, many local museums, as well as ancient mansions, you will find an abundance of age-old architecture to enjoy. With a shopping center that is diverse and growing, you will find a number of shops ranging from antiques and historical items to everyday items and up-to-date fashions.

If you are looking for places to stay in Franklin TN, one place for consideration is right downtown. The center of downtown is compromised of a magnificent 15 block historic district, where true Southern hospitality and over 200 years of rich history can be experienced. With brick sidewalks, immaculate Victorian architecture and spectacular landscaping, these buildings not only showcase the beauty that is Franklin but house the many shops, restaurants, art galleries, professional services and centers right downtown.

There are many places to stay in Franklin TN that are known for their reasonable rates, hospitality and excellent customer service. For many a reputable hotel chain is the preferred method when traveling to a foreign community since well-known chain hotels are regulated and are often similar in style, price and amenities. Be sure to check out the Internet for any hotels that are in Franklin that you are looking to place a reservation with since some may provide discounts with online bookings or planning ahead of time.

When planning your next vacation, you will want to examine the places to stay in Franklin TN. Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, or with your friends and family, all these situations may require different lodging accommodations. Some hotels will offer discounts for group bookings or children under certain ages can be eligible to stay for free after consecutive nights. Do not assume that you are getting the best deal around, be sure to ask for any ongoing discounts or specials that may be available that you are not aware of.

For those who want to experience the life before and after the historic time of the 1800's, Franklin TN is the place to be. Franklin has been placed in the list of 1,000 Places To See Before You Die listing that was published as one of the most famous traveling listings to date. The city of Franklin is also acclaimed as one of the Top 10 Hot U.S. Destinations in 2007. With such a famous following, travelers are marveled at the extensive tourism department and how much there is to experience and explore while in Franklin.

Be sure that you do not rush through your visit to Franklin. Plan plenty of time to see all the sights and historic monuments that Franklin has to offer from the past days gone by. Visitors young and old alike will enjoy learning all there is to know of Franklin's history and growing economy.

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