Places to Stay in Florida: Key West, the Island of Bones

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Are you about to take a trip to Florida for the first time? Or have you already been to certain areas and would like to try something different? Whether this is your first trip or your tenth, one of the places to stay in Florida that you will enjoy is Key West.

Key West has a little of everything for everyone. The adults will get a kick out of visiting Ernest Hemingway’s home. This famous author’s home and a museum is one of the stops along the way as you rid the Key West Old Town Trolley. This is a tour that allows visitors to see all the sights.

The passengers can get off at 12 designated points, one of which includes Ernest Hemingway’s home, and see if you can spot one of the descendents of the cats he kept. They should stand out in the crowd as they had six toes.

Find out why the original name for Key West was Cayo Hueso - translated to Island of Bones. According to legend, the Calusa Indians were from this area and fierce tribe that they were they would leave the bodies of the enemies lying on the Key West Beaches. Thus it became known as the Island of Bones.

Go to Key West for the Classic Scavenger Hunt. This is a fun-filled excursion that takes visitors through Old Key West on the adventure of a lifetime. The competition may get fierce as everyone competes for the prizes awarded to the winner. This is approximately a 3 hour hunt and is open to anyone who wants to play for competition or prizes.

The scavenger hunts can be designed especially for certain groups for special occasions or they can be organized just for the purpose of having one. This is one of the most unique ways of celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, business retreats, reunions and more. When choosing one of the most fun places to stay in Florida, this will be high atop your list.

Maybe one of the places you will find interesting in Key West is the Original Ghost Tours of Key West. This is a tour that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck as you walk the dark streets and hear the stories of the haunted locations. You might even be brave enough to stay at one. Duval Street is one that is the locale for the Crown Plaza La Concha Hotel, which was built in 1926. Find out what goes on here after dark.

When it comes to haunted places to stay in Florida, Key West has more than their fair share of accommodations for guests. The Marerro Guest Mansion is another place you may want to reserve a room. This home is said to still be home to Enriquetta Marerro, who along with her eight children were evicted from the home in l89l. She swore at the time she would always remain in her home in spirit and many have seen her walking the halls since that time.

If you are brave enough, one of the many areas in and around Key West will welcome you to stay. See if you experience the paranormal activity that is documented here. Of course if you are too afraid, there other ‘normal’ places to stay in Florida.

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