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In the United States, when it comes to the many interesting places to visit in Alabama, the state is separated into four main regions that offer an exploration into an impressive assortment of historical landmarks. For starters, head for the north to encounter a lovely spread of mountains. The central part of the state is referred to the Metropolitan region. The River Heritage region of the state is situated in the south yet excludes the Gulf Coast, which offers its own region that resides in the southwest.


In order to become more familiar with the numerous interesting places to visit in Alabama, consider the list below known to provide a glimpse into a fascinating past:


The state capital is also the former capital of the confederacy, as it is known for playing quite a significant role in the actions of the Confederate States of America. It is here that Jefferson Davis was deemed the President of the Confederate States. Additionally, the city is home to the historical past regarding the civil rights movement, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's nonviolent protests lined the streets and the start of the Montgomery bus boycott that led to Rosa Park's arrest took place.


Besides representing the home of Auburn University, this city also provides access to the June Collins Smith Museum of Art, which spans 40,000 square feet of art since 2003. This is one of the more interesting places to visit in Alabama when you wish to explore 19th and 20th century American and European Art. On the premises, 15 acres of land accommodates botanical gardens with a large-scale sculpture and interesting water features.


This largest city in Alabama is responsible for supplying the economic and cultural heartbeat of the state. While many people remember this destination as the site where numerous racially charged bombings and acts of violence broke out during the 1960s, it is also home to the Alabama Adventure Theme Park, which offers access to the largest wooden roller coaster in the state.

Russell Cave National Monument

Travel back into time when paying a visit to this cave, which provides a glimpse at the way early North American inhabitants lived in the past. Remnants dating back from 6500 B.C. to 1650 A.D. are showcased at this attraction.

Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site

A movie was made regarding the "military experiment" that took place in the 1940s where a group of African-American pilots in the military were trained. The Tuskegee Airmen made history with their accomplishments, which come to life at this historic site.

Sipsey Wilderness

Hikers flock to the many interesting places to visit in Alabama to explore the beautiful terrain. Sipsey Wilderness is found in northwest Alabama, which serves as the third largest wilderness region east of the Mississippi. The intriguing features of this land include the abundance of waterfalls, as well as the color of the stream water, which is a beautiful opal blue.


The sole major port and largest city situated by the Gulf is where you can celebrate what is known as the original home of Mardi Gras within the U.S. Residents have been holding this celebration since 1703, where the historic downtown area fills with weeks of parades, floats, and marching bands.


You probably didn’t know that this is the location where you will find the former home of Helen Keller, the first deafblind student to graduate from college.

Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

White sands line this beach, which is situated on the Gulf of Mexico – the perfect place to enjoy when you are interested in catching a few rays of sun.


The University of Alabama may cultivate the minds of tomorrow in Tuscaloosa, yet the Full Moon Barbeque found off of 15th Street dishes out baked potatoes the size of a small football that satisfies your hunger.

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