Want To Know About The Exciting Places To Visit In Missouri?

Discover the Exciting Places to Visit In Missouri

Missouri is called the show me state. The name Missouri comes from a band of the Sioux Indians that were called Missouris that lived here. If you are looking for exciting places to visit Missouri has a lot to show you.

* Lake of the Ozarks State Park, located along the shoreline of one of the largest lakes in Missouri, is a 17,441 acre paradise. On land the park offers hiking, camping, horseback riding, cave tours, and fishing. Or if you prefer you can rent a boat from the park marina and spend the day on the lake.

* Graham Cave in Montgomery City, Missouri is an exciting place to visit if you are a history buff. Archaeologists have found artifacts indicating people probably lived in this cave 10,000 years ago. Clues to Native Americans living in this area were also discovered. Graham Cave State Park adjoins this area with 370 acres of trails, play areas for the children, and camp sites for those wanting to stay overnight or longer.

* Everyone has seen Little House on the Prairie. Now experience Prairie State Park where prairie grass grows taller than people and you may get to see a bison or an elk while strolling through this 4,000 acre park. This prairie grass once compromised a quarter of the state but today is less than 1 percent. Beautiful wildflowers, birds, and wildlife can be spotted here.For sure one of the exciting places to visit in Missouri!

* Long Branch State Park in Macon, Missouri is for the water lover. From fishing to swimming you can enjoy yourself here. For the fisherman, bass fishing is great here, although catfish and crappie are reportedly another great catch. Swimming or skiing is allowed and 82 campsites are available for the outdoor lover to get back to nature.

* A truly exciting place to visit for those of us who loved Tom Sawyer is in Florida, Missouri. The home of Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain is on display here with exhibits such as a handwritten manuscript of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. First editions of his work is one of the amazing discoveries than have been preserved for visitors to see. A state park adjoins this area with camping, hiking, and swimming.

* The Watkins Woolen Mill located in Lawson, Missouri is the only one still in existence with itÂ’s original machinery. The mill was constructed of brick, hand made at the site of the mill, and timbers from the land. It opened in 1860 and did quite a business before it shut down in 1898. It employed 40 mill workers and had 50 textile machines which were shipped from the east by railroad.

* Another exciting place to visit for history buffs is the birth place of the only Missourian to be elected President of the United States, Harry S. Truman. This home is located in Lamar, Missouri and is on the National Registry of Historic Places. It is typical of the time with no running water or electricity. It even has an outhouse. The purchase price for the home was $685. Can you imagine?

There are many, many more exciting places to visit in Missouri. If you decide this is the place you would like to visit check out online resources, ask friends or relatives who have been there, or talk to your travel agent as they can recommend various spots that may appeal to you.

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