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Take a look at these cheap places to stay in the Florida Keys…

For years the Florida Keys has held a special place in the hearts of many with the visions of an ocean view, coral islands with sparkling waters, and gentle breezes. Unfortunately for some, personal budget constrictions depict that more research is necessary in order to find cheap places to stay in the Florida Keys.

When planning your perfect Florida vacation you will have to decide exactly where you want to reside for your stay. The upper, middle and lower keys each have their own amenities and attractions, so you will want to be sure to check out options for each in order to find your best place to stay. You have your choice of hotels, motels, resorts, inns, bed and breakfasts, cottages, vacation rentals and even camping amenities to suit any budget holiday.

Many people would like to have a luxury hotel with all amenities while on vacation, but frankly, when examining how much time you actually spend in your hotel enjoying your surroundings, it does not compare to the time you spend outside of your room enjoying the life around you. If you can live without laundry facilities, swimming pools, and other features, you will be sure to locate cheap places to stay in the Florida Keys.

One option to explore is vacation rentals through local realtors in the Florida Keys. Many have vacation homes that are available from economy style to luxurious. There can always be a quaint cottage just waiting to be inhabited by someone on a simple, no frills holiday that has all features of any regular priced hotel or inn close by.

The Looe Key Reef Resort and Dive Center is located right on the canal with a boat ramp and dockage in order to experience the dive boat right outside your room. You can enjoy a day of snorkeling and diving on the #1 reef in the United States, and features a pool, sundeck, restaurant, tiki bar and a 5-star PADI dive center.

For those traveling with pets, cheap places to stay in the Florida Keys may be harder to find. However, the Old Wooden Bridge Guest Cottages and Marina is the perfect place to relax with your family pets. The 14 unit efficiency cottages and marina facility has excellent access to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Off the beaten path, there is a local store, boat launch and marina with a swimming pool to complete your Florida Keys vacation.

The Key West Bed and Breakfast is the perfect retreat for those wanting to escape modernization. Located in the William Russell House, it is listed in the National Historic Register, and emulates old style charm. This lovely 3-story Victorian venue built by Bahamian shipbuilders is located on a quiet tree-shaded street in the middle of ‘Old Town’. Available are Jacuzzis, saunas and a free breakfast is included with your stay.

For vacationers that prefer to have their own kitchenette, the Budget Key West is the ideal place for you. This guesthouse is perfect for a weekend getaway or a week at a time. A tropical atmosphere complete with queen or king sized beds, cable television and separate kitchenette is appealing to those who wish to save money on eating out every night. Only a short walk to nearby amenities, this newly built venue is clean and welcoming to any vacationing couple.

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